Mezcal 68 Lenguas

Mezcal 68 lenguas

Mezcal 68 Lenguas was born to show the world what Mexico is made of. We are a multicultural country, where each culture, each tradition and each language is a treasure to preserve.

Our Mask is what represents Us

The mask is one of the most important human artifacts known worldwide. It is a tool of transformation that allows its wearers to transcend themselves. If you look at it, we integrate the number "68" (the eyes) in the Tlaloc mask, which is a member of the pantheon of gods in Aztec religion. As supreme god of the rain, Tlaloc is also a god of earthly fertility and of water.

Mezcal 68 Lenguas

Resurface our traditions

Like mezcal, languages were forgotten over the years, populations, traditions and legends were lost. For this reason, today we want the world to know that in Mexico, in addition to mezcal, the indigenous communities and their 68 languages want to resurface, and that the world knows them. Thorny on the outside but full of smells, flavors and colors on the inside, as well as the maguey and its wisest son: “EL MEZCAL” that makes you speak in different dialects.


This mezcal represents that mixture and how proud we are to be what we are, a great solid culture, full of scars but always singing in 68 native languages to be happier.

Tasting Notes

On the nose: Gentle and sweet jasmine with an herbal hint.
On the palate: Intense smoky notes of cooked agave with small touches of spice.
Finish: Sweet caramel notes.

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